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Drakes Bay Family Farms is pleased to present shellfish and oyster information to help you be better informed. The oysters and shellfish that we provide here are always fresh and of top quality. That is why many of our customers truly enjoy them. And we use social media marketing to create a personal brand that will bring us success.


How do you Cultivation oysters?

Oyster cultivation involves the right tools and doing it in a safe environment that would be good for the oysters to grow and multiply.

How much money can you make oyster farming?

It really depends on the experience you have with oyster farming. If you are just starting, you can expect to earn $15 per hour. If you have been doing it for several years, you will become faster with producing the needed goods. Also, you’re going to earn at least $25 per hour. Hence, this is something that you should take seriously since it is a great way to earn a nice income.

Can you grow oysters in freshwater?

Yes, you can not only grow oysters in saltwater but you can also do it in freshwater. Hence, a lot of people living by the sea can grow oysters.

How long does an oyster live?

Believe it or not, most oysters live up to 20 years.

Does opening an oyster kill it?

When you remove the shell, that kills most oysters.

Are oysters alive when eaten?

Before oysters are eaten, they must be alive. When they are already dead, they should not be eaten anymore. Also, better make sure that it can be completely shut so that it can be safely be eaten. If that is not the case, better think twice before eating it as it may taste a bit different.

What is shellfish allergy?

It is a strange reaction to eating shellfish such as crab, oysters, and shrimp. Believe it or not, there is a huge portion of Americans who are allergic to shellfish. You’re going to find out you are allergic to shellfish when you itch a lot after eating it. Better go see a doctor right away when you find out you are allergic to shellfish and avoid eating it in the future.

Why is shellfish bad for you?

Shellfish contain cholesterol which is bad for your body. Too much cholesterol can lead to a heart attack when you grow old. As studies show, a heart attack is the leading cause of death all over the world especially if you eat a lot of unhealthy food. Hence, better take care of your body as we all only have one. Just like any type of food, eating too much of it is bad for your health. However, eating the right amount is good since it contains omega 3 acid which is good for your heart.

Why am I suddenly allergic to shellfish?

It is possible to suddenly develop an allergic reaction to shellfish when you grow old. It happens to people who eat a variety of things. It is basically not your fault but you will know when you are allergic to it. You go out with friends and you eat a ton of seafood then suddenly you feel the symptoms of an allergy. It is actually common for adults to be allergic to shellfish so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly getting mild reactions to seafood when you grow up.

How do I know if I’m allergic to shellfish?

There are a lot of things that will let you know that you are allergic to shellfish. The first is dizziness which is the most common symptom in various allergies. The second is abdominal pain which would usually happen if you eat something that your tummy would not respond well to. There is also swelling in the mouth or any other part of your body. When it becomes red and big, you know you need to see a doctor right away. Another is when you can’t stop scratching your skin. You end up scratching it too much that it becomes too red. You know something is wrong when that happens.

What are the 4 types of allergic reactions?

Immune Complex, Cell-Mediated, Immediate Hypersensitivity, and Cytotoxic are the four types of allergic reactions. It would be best to go see a doctor so you will know immediately what type of allergic reaction you have if any. Hence, it can be treated right away so you won’t experience the effects of the allergy. Also, if you experience an allergic reaction, then you will already know what to do.

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